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Discover the Secret to a Rich, Natural, Celebrity Tan!

If you’re looking for an amazing tan, look no further! Royal Tanning provides the healthiest, most convenient tanning method in the San Diego area. After one session, your skin will feel fresher and more nourished. Age spots, freckles, stretch marks, varicose veins and other imperfections in the skin’s appearance will be visually reduced or become completely invisible. Your eyes will appear brighter and more alert. Your smile will radiate with whiter-looking teeth. Enjoy all the benefits of a natural, rich, celebrity tan without the negative effects of the sun’s UV rays!

We come to your location and offer an educational consultation. Then we recommend the shade of tan which will look best on you, with your personal goals in mind. We complete the session within 20 minutes and provide tips to maximize and prolong your tan after the session is complete. You’ll be impressed by our level of professionalism and commitment to your appearance and skin health.

Book your appointment today and receive a special 50% discount on your first tanning session. Appointments fill up quickly, so take advantage of this limited-time offer and schedule now! (312) 860-8379.

Rave Reviews


I showed Valerie the color of the dress with the request that she make me look good in it, that is exactly what she did. The professional photos from the wedding are coming in and I’m SO HAPPY I had the tan done. Unbelievably happy. Happy to the point that I’ll be back anytime.

Julia LewisEncinitas, CA

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